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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Komics @ Kerouac

There'll be more exhibitor bios soon. In fact, Bob "Taskmaster" Corby just sent me a few more today. Tonight, however, I need to wrap this up quickly, get home and get ready to head out again to Kafe Kerouac.

Tonight, you see, is the hanging of art for the upcoming "Komics @ Kerouac" show featuring comics and cartoon art by members of the Sunday Comix cartoonists' group, of which I am a charter member. (Max Ink stole the whole idea from me, and don't let the fink tell you any differently)

The exhibit formally opens tomorrow night with a reception from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. wherein the panting public shall have the once in a life time opportunity to both hob and nob with these giants of cartoon art. Among those whose art will be displayed are Max Ink, Matt and Ellen Wyatt, Sam McElhaney, Molly Durst, and this bodacious blogger his own bad self. From there, these modern masterpieces of graphic art (I refer to my own work, of course) will be on display, and available to be purchased and enjoyed in your very own living room, den or bathroom, throughout the month of February.

I've posted along with this entry a little preview of the exhibition, in the form of one of the pieces I'll be showing. Entitled "Must! Run! Faster!!", this merely marvelous bit of pop culture detritus can be added to your personal collection for a mere $85.00.

Well, I'll see you all tomorrow night.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet the Men and Women of SPACE--Part One

Well, wanted to earn my table, and it looks like Bashful Bob Corby intends to make me do just that. Mr. SPACE-man himself sent me a bunch of bios of artists and publishers who'll be exhibiting at the show to put up here. Truthfully, if he hadn't had the idea first, I would have asked for them.
Keep in mind that these are taken straight from each exhibitor's application, and so are in their own words. As they say on TV, the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this station or it's management. Maybe later I will let loose with my opinions of the ones that I know.
I'm just going to go alphabetically through as many as I have time for today:
Eric Adams: ERIC ADAMS is best known as the creator of the indie comic series, LACKLUSTERWORLD, a story nominated for the 2004 Day Prize Award. In 2006, he illustrated STUART, a short story penned by Chris Arrant, which ran in the FOUR STORIES anthology and later in NEGATIVE BURN.
Eric is also a contributor to, writing SEQUENTIAL SMARTS, a series of thorough articles about marketing comics from the perspective of a small press/ self-publisher.
Alterna Comics (Peter Simeti): Alterna Comics is a creator-owned graphic novel and comic book company that lets creators keep 100% ownership of their work. Since formation in early 2006, Alterna Comics has grown in popularity and recognition, receiving extremely positivereviews for their works. They have also received support in the indie comics communityand intend on always being a proud supporter of creator's rights while bringing different, creative, and intelligent work to both comic readers and non-comic readers everywhere.
Ray Basham: Freaks-An American Family is an ongoing series that in each issue tells a tale of a different member of the "Family", and how they got the way they are. Issue #1 is about a carnivorous 2 headed baby, Issue #2 is about a wealth adventurer that has a curse put on him and his family. Issue #3 was written by Dr. Tarr andProf. Fether, horror hosts from the Toledo, Ohio area. Issue #3 is about Creepy Crab Boy. He has a pension for murder and mayhem, and being an ego maniac.
Suzanne Baumann: Suzanne likes making mini-comics. Fortunately for her, people like to read them. She has made quite a few comics in the past dozen years or so. She will undoubtedly make quite a few more.
Gary Scott Beatty: GARY SCOTT BEATTY read his first comic book, a beat up old Tin Tin hardcover, in his grade school library some time before the '60s Batman craze. The first alternative comic he produced (They were called "underground" then) was on his high school's mimeograph machine, after hours, without permission. Nearly three decades later the tools and format have changed, but Gary is still producing printed pieces that communicate and entertain. His coloring and lettering for 3 Boys Productions' "Students of the Unusual" has appeared since the popularindy comic's first issue – now his logo design graces each cover. The controversial "Wedding of Popeye and Olive" Gary colored for Ocean Comics was discussed on Good Morning America, in "The New York Times,""Time" magazine and "Newsweek." His work with nationally syndicated cartoonist Aaron Warner included coloring "Adventures of Aaron" Sunday strips, producing the "Sparky and Tim" collection cover and typography and coloring for much of Aaron's advertising studio work. His cover coloring for Scott Rosema's "August" are now definitive of the character. His production assistance in Omega7's "America's ForgottenChildren" publication helped lead to the recovery of several missing children. He has lettered for Kaso Comics, written scripts for Nicky Cruz Outreach and, locally, produces a full color, monthly entertainment magazine. The publication production expert, typographer, writer, illustrator and comic book colorist's engaging ramblings can be found at His current Aazurn Publishing projects include "Seductions" with Oz artist Bill Bryan and "AdamAmong the Gods" with James Lyle. Lengthy articles detailing every step in Aazurn Publishing's birth are cataloged at Gary can be found at
Pam Bliss: Pam Bliss has been making minicomics and cartoon short stories since 1989. Her comics take place in Kekionga, Indiana, the perfect small town where anything can happen, and concern the adventures of a young superhero, his scholarlyBest Girl, an mysterious junkman, a werewolf librarian, and a varying cast of ghosts, sasquatches, talking animals and visitors from alternate realities.
Nathan Bonner: Indavo is a space adventure comic, that follows the travels of FreelanceSpace Explorer Indavo, girl from the sticks Racheal, and robotic ex-thug Gauron T.
David Branstetter: "Sometimes Life just Sucks" is the motto of Straw Man, an unlikely hero who's "superpowers" usually manifest themselves as quirky accidents. Confused and often disorientated Straw Man is able to overcome the pressures o fhaving arch enemies, unpleasant encounters with annoying costumed vigilantes, and the bothersome task of keeping up with everyday life.
Straw Man is an ongoing project by David Branstetter and has made a previous appearance at SPACE con 2006.
Boston Comics Roundtable:We are the Boston Comics Roundtable -- a collective of cartoonists in the (you guessed it) Boston area. We are currently assembling our first Boston Comics Roundtable Anthology, which, if the Gods look on us with favor (ha!) will be available in time for SPACE 2008. If not, we got a lot of mini's and other great stuff to bring out to the Great Midwest.
Matt Dembicki: (pronounced, by the way, "dem-bee-ski") Run by Matt Dembicki, Three Crows Press publishes a variety of comics,such as the magazine-size 'MonstraCity' and upcoming 'Bad Habits,'the mini-comic 'Animal Stew' and the mini-mini-comic 'Spadefoot.'
Millard Draudt: Dog-Eared Cartoons are single panel cartoons in the tradition of The Far Side. Not everyone gets all the cartoons but that's part of the fun. This is the 6th year of production for Dog-Eared. ( Transcriber's note: Really? It seems like I've known Millard longer than that...)
Matt Feazell: Matt Feazell a freelance cartoonist and graphic artist living and working in Hamtramck, Michigan. His comics and spot illustrations appear regularly in TheHamtramck Citizen and Disney Adventures Magazine. His current project is a stick figure graphic novel, "The Death of Antisocialman."
Neil Fitzpatrick: Neil Fitzpatrick has been churning out Neil Jam, primarily in the form of minicomics, since 1997. Neil Jam is a unique cartoon universe featuring an original cast of characters. The books vary in format, and run the gamut from silly gags to epic adventures. With the humanity of Peanuts, the oddball antics of LooneyTunes, the wry sophistication of The Simpsons, and the zen of Nancy, Neil Jam is, quite simply, the world's greatest minicomic.
Allen Freeman: Allen Freeman: (Comic Work partial list:) Newspaper Syndicate (1982)Editorial Cartoons (also edited the weekly features for a few months.) Comic Buyer's Guide (1983) Cartoons published: Many covers for other small press comics, mostly 1984-1990. (1986): New Frontiers #1 and #2 (Airbrushed the covers and created 2 color overlays) (First comic work besides printing my own comics.) (Future Beat #1 Cover airbrush black and white. Can't remember publisher) (Also painted a color cover to #2 but never published) Cat's Paw Comics (1987):Morgana X #1 (Painted cover, wrote and inked the interior. Designed the logo andinterior editorial pages and ads.) (a second issue was completely finished, I did the inking, painted the cover andcenterfold....never published.) Spectrum #1 (Inked and colored the cover, wrote one story and inked 2 stories in the anthology.) Jabberwocky Graphics (1988-90)Fever Pitch #8 (Painted cover)Best of Fever Pitch (Painted the wrap-around cover.) Chuck Haspel Publishing (1989):Rocketpack #1 (Newsletter for Dave Steven's Rocketeer, cover art.) Blind Bat Press (1989)Wavemakers #2 (I designed and painted the color cover.) NOW Comics and Now Video (1989-1992):Covers for:Fright Night 11 and 12; Speed Racer Classics #2 (wraparound cover); Ralph Snart Adventures ( 3 covers and one poster) Now Video:First 3 boxes for Speed Racer Also created The Ralph Snart fanclub! Put out 4 issues of the newsletter. Brady Games (1992):Donkey Kong Country 2 (Designed and painted cover to guidebook)Super Mario SPG (Designed and painted cover to guidebook)Mortal Kombat Card Game (I designed and painted 9 cards in this set.) NME (1992)Battlelords Card Game (I designed and painted 12 cards for this set.) Caliber Comics: Frankenstein (Full color comic 48 pages, I did the inking and background art. This was Caliber's all time best selling comic.)The Realm (inked part of 2 issues.) SKY Comics: Seeker #1 and #2. (Colored the cover to #1 and inked it. Also inked the interior sof both issues and designed the logo for the book.)Morgana X Special #1 and #1 regular series. (Painted the covers and inked the booksand wrote most of the stories.)Sky Comics Presents (A Morgana X story in every issue, that I inked.)Sky #0 ashcan (Inked a Morgana X story)Arena Comics Magazine (Colored almost all of the covers for this magazine.) Comics Conspiracy (2004):Tie Teddies (Inked the 3rd issue.) Wunderman Comics (2005-06)E.I. #1 (Designed and computer painted the cover. Designed the logo, lettered the64 interior pages.) Sean McGrath Publishing (2006)Frater Mine #2, #3 (lettering) Fan-Atic Press (1984 to present):Some mini comics in 1984: (Zappy Pinhead and the Beatles from Neptune, Evil Doll) Then the digest comics:Captain Optimist #1-5 (Artist and inker) Slam Bang vol 1, #1-33, Slam Bang Annual 1999, Vol 2 #1-7, Vol 3 #1, Slam Bang GreatestHits #1 (Artist, letter, writer, editor, publisher) Anton Bogaty Sketchbook (Editor and publisher) Doc Paradox #1 (Editor and publisher) Plus about 4 more books back in the 80's I can't remember right now. (AlienBondage, Video Blues)
DVD's I've shot, edited and produced: San Diego Comic Con 2004 approx 35 min; North End Mafia (2005) 6 live song set (edited MTV style) DVD + a 9 song studio CD (+Easter egg of a full live show.); Chicago Comic Con 1988 approx 35 min (I just converted the video shot by Matt Feazell,to DVD, and added a commentary bonus feature track) (released 2005) Shows me on my very first comic book panel.; SPACE CON 2005 approx 45 min (Small Press and Alternative Press Expo. I shot it,edited it and created the DVD and Box.); SPACE CON 2006 1 hour (done, just not on the web site yet, 2 DVD set. I shot some of it, I'm in some of it, and creating the DVD and Box.) Shows me on my secondcomic book panel ever; Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic Con 40 min (Shot at the 2006 San Diego ComicCon) Finished just adding extra features. I shot it, wrote some of it, edited it,and created the DVD and Box.

Well, I'm running out of time for this session, and I'm only up the F's (Boy, that Allen Freeman's sure been busy. Makes the rest of us look like slackers)
I'll have more soon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcome To Cosmo's Corner

First, let me make it perfectly clear that I am not Cosmo...Cosmo is the funny looking little alien who is the official mascot of the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE), which is held each year in Columbus, Ohio. I, on the other hand, am Ray Tomczak, the self-appointed--with SPACE promoter Bob Corby's blessing, of course--official Blogger of SPACE.
The deal is that I felt I just wasn't doing enough to earn the complimentary table that my good friend Bob lets me have each year, so I offered to write this blog to help spread the word about SPACE and other small press comics projects and events.
In these virtual pages, I shall endeavor to keep you apprised of all news, info, and gossip concerning the show and small press and creator owned comics in general, especially those here in the central Ohio vicinity. At the same time, I'll be giving you my personal take on these topics from the standpoint of a cartoonist and perennial SPACE exhibitor.
Bob will, I hope, be keeping me in the loop as far as the progress of the show, and if there is any news related to SPACE or small press comics that you would like me to pass along here, drop me a line. My e-mail address is
Well, that's all for now.
See you at SPACE.