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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bob Corby at Mid-Ohio

The Underground Video Network did an interview with SPACE promoter Bob Corby at last week's Mid-Ohio Con which is included in their series of reports from the con on YouTube. Part 2, the one with Bob, is embedded below and you can see the whole series by clicking on the link in the previous sentence.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick Update

It's been awhile since I've updated this thing, even though I really should have posted when Bob announced the finalists for the SPACE Prize. Well, better late than never, and the list will appear below. Voting for the Prize among the exhibitors at this year's SPACE ended on Wednesday, and Bob has sort of promised to tell me as soon as we have a winner determined. I'll have to hit him up this weekend at Mid-Ohio Con and see what he's got.
Speaking of Mid-Ohio, it is this weekend, and I'll try to get a wrap-up posted either Monday or Tuesday, including details on the web-comics panel that I'll be participating in Sunday afternoon.
Talk to ya later.

Alterna Comics
Michael S. Bracco
23 Trumpet Lane Suite ALevittown NY 11756$12.00

Blink: Barefoot in America,Breakfast in the Park
Onward Studio
Max Ink
1440 W. Rich St. #5Columbus OH 43223$4.00/

Breathers #1
Justin Madson
708 Birch St.Baraboo WI 53913$6.50/

Clockwork Creature:Chapter One
Ambrrosia Publishing
Kyle Strahm- Artist Writer
Wesley Craig Green-Editor
96 Wilcox St.Timmins Ontario, Canada P4N 3K9$6.95

Pretentious Comics
Rickey Gonzales
P.O.Box 14376Chicago IL 60614$3.00

The Secret Historyof the Ineffables Part 1
Mystery City Comics
Craig Bogart
2714 Ruhl Ave.Bexley OH 43209$3.00/

Lackluster World #5
Gen:Eric Publishing
Eric Adams
2245 Hannaford Ave.Cincinnati OH 45212$7.00/

The Serial Squad !
Bad Place Productions
Paul E. Schultz- Writer/Artist
Jon Hodges- Editor
P.O.Box 18755Cleveland Heights OH 44118$5.95 & $2.00 S&HA

Thorn in the Side
Carbon-Based Books
Bill Knapp2526 Rainbow Dr.Lafayette IN 47904

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The New Mid-Ohio Con

Not much news on the SPACE front right now, but I did recieve this pulsating press release concerning the fate of Columbus' other big show, the venerable Mid-Ohio Con:

Mid-Ohio-Con to Merge with Ohio Comic Con

The New Mid-Ohio-Con 2008 Scheduled for October 4-5 in Columbus, Ohio

Monday, May 19, 2008 - Columbus, Ohio
GCX Holdings LLC announced today that it has reached an agreement to merge Mid-Ohio-Con
with Ohio Comic Con. The new Mid-Ohio-Con will bring together the best that both conventions
have to offer with respect to special guest list, programming, schedule, venue, and
organizational teams. Mid-Ohio-Con 2008 will take place on the weekend of October 4-5 at the
Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

"I couldn't be more excited about this development," said James Henry, Managing Director of
GCX Holdings, which recently acquired Mid-Ohio-Con. "I strongly believe that Mid-Ohio-Con and
Ohio Comic Con will be far better together than they would be separately. This combination is a
great outcome for everybody involved, including our creative guests, retailers and other
exhibitors, and especially the loyal fans who have attended Mid-Ohio-Con year after year."

"We are very happy to be combining Ohio Comic Con with Mid-Ohio-Con," said Teresa
Colegrove, Co-Founder of Ohio Comic Con and Packrat Comics. "Our primary goal in forming
Ohio Comic Con was always to ensure that there was a great convention in our home state, and
we've certainly accomplished that with the combination of our two events. We have lots of new
ideas that we're looking forward to contributing to this year's Mid-Ohio-Con."

"I'm certainly pleased to see this combination take place," said Roger Price, Founder of Mid-
Ohio-Con. "Our new team has a lot of energy and enthusiasm as well as innovative ideas and I'm
look forward to working with them on this year's event. We've just launched our new web site
and stay tuned in the coming weeks for news about additions to our guest list for Mid-Ohio-Con
2008, as well as some exciting new additions to our programming schedule."

About Mid-Ohio-Con
Now entering its 28th year, Mid-Ohio-Con is one of America's longest-running and most
successful pop culture conventions. Each year, Mid-Ohio-Con brings fans of all ages together
with leading comic book writers and artists, film and television creators and stars, as well as
publishers and retailers from across the nation. Mid-Ohio-Con 2008 will be held on October 4-5
at the Greater Columbus Convention Center at 400 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio.

About Packrat Comics
Established in 1993 by Jamie and Teresa Colegrove, Packrat Comics is a family owned and
operated full-service specialty comic shop with two locations serving central Ohio. Working with
local schools to promote comics as both an art form and educational tool, Packrat Comics strives
to provide its community with a fun, family-friendly atmosphere where children of all ages can
enjoy this wonderful medium. Packrat Comics can be found online at
James H. Henry
GCX Holdings LLC
Roger A. Price
R.A.P. Promotions, Inc.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Free Comic Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, as you may or may not be aware, May 3, is Free Comic Book Day. If you weren't aware and are wondering what exactly FCBD, to use it's semi-official initialism (not "acromym", as the initials do not make a word), is pretty much what the name implies. It is a Day, and on this day, Free Comic Books are available at participating comic book stores. The idea is to encourage non-comics readers to give the medium a try, as well as give long time readers a chance to try something new.
There is a story that I have related several times since it happened in 2001 in the wake of the very first FCBD (and if you've heard or read it before feel free to skip the rest of this post) which, to my mind, perfectly illustrates What Free Comic Book Day Is All About.
Oni Press's offering for the first FCBD was the first issue of a mini-series called Hopeless Savages. I'd seen this title on the shelves of the Laughing Ogre in the preceeding months and had passed it by, mostly, I am somewhat ashamed to admit, because of it's title. It sounded a little too---well---"hopeless", not to mention "savage", for my tastes. Anyway, with no money going to waste, I decided to pick it up that day.
Once I read it, I instantly fell in love with the story and the characters and soon after purchased the book collecting all four issues. The series, a post modern family sitcom chronicling the lives of married 70's punk rock icons Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage and their four children, Rat, Arsenal, Twitch and Zero, has become one of my all time favorite comics and I have purchased each subsequent book (there are two sequels) almost as soon as it has hit the shelves.
So, the moral of this story, and all good stories have one, is to approach FCBD with an open mind and pick up something you might be reluctant to if you actually had to part with coin for it. You may end up being, as I was, pleasantly surprised.
The FCBD web-site offers a round up of the titles that the various major and minor publishers are offering tomorrow. Here are some highlights:
DC offers up a special reprinting of the first issue of All-Star Superman, Grant Morrison's brilliant re-imagining of the myth and majesty of the Man of Steel, illustrated by Frank Quitely.
Marvel, of course, trots out an new installment in the never ending spandex soap opera that is its inexplicably popular X-Men franchise.
Archie Comics offering stars Jughead in what seems to me, from the description on the site, to be essentially an infomercial for Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, where Juggy gets a job and gets involved in allegedly funny misadventures.
Bongo Comics, comics home of The Simpsons, offers up a sampling of short comics stories based on that long running property, as well as Futurama.
Dark Horse has a Hellboy comic to spotlight the upcoming movie sequel.
The One Book You Must Check Out is Amelia Rules!, Jimmy Gownley's hilarious and poignant tale of a young girl adjusting to a new life in a small Pennsylvania town following her parents' divorce. Amelia is also featured in the anthology sampler Kids Love Comics! Comic Book Diner along with other kid friendly comics.
Among other books tailored for the younger set are two featuring characters that are favorites of my six year old niece Alison. Owly and Friends features a wordless tale of the titular owl by Day Prize winner Andy Runton, as well as stories for younger readers by James Kochalka and others. Tiny Titans is a representation of the first issue of the new DC series that re-invents the company's popular Teen Titans franchise as pre-school age children in tales aimed at that demographic.
Wizard Magazine presents the How To Draw Sampler featuring hot superhero artists of the day telling poor young impressionable kids how to draw like them.
Anyway, that's just a sample of what's available for free tomorrow at your neighborhood comics shop. I urge you to go check it out and try something new.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day Prize to become SPACE Prize

Little did I know when posting my video of this year's Day Prize ceremony last week that it was apparently to be the last such event. Seems Dave Sim has taken himself off the convention circuit for next year and taken his award with him. SPACE promoter Bob Corby has announced that he plans to institute his own award tentatively dubbed the SPACE Prize
Here's the straight poop in Bob's own words from the e-mail he sent to all 2008 SPACE exhibitors on Thursday:
"Many of you may have already heard that Dave Sim has cancelled all his convention appearances including SPACE 2009. He has also recently informed me that the Day Prize for the books we collected at SPACE 2008 is also canceled. He did give me the okay to pick it up myself. What I plan to do is take the submitted books and start the SPACE Prize (working title). I will review the books and pick 4 to 6 finalists and then have the registered SPACE 2008 Exhibitors vote for the winner. One of the few rules will be that you can't vote for yourself (or a book you're in). The winner will win a cash prize of $300.00 (sorry I can't afford the $500.00) and a plaque (or figure, that's not finalized yet). I haven't figured out the time table yet but the plaque presentation will be during SPACE 2009.If you want to opt out because the rules changed let me know and I'll ship your book back. If you want to complain call Dave Sim not me. I'm just the guy picking up the pieces.I also like to publicly thank Dave for his participation in SPACE and bringing the Day Prize here for the past 7 years. He only promised me a year or two so I can't complain. Without his help SPACE wouldn't have survived past the second year. I wish him the best of luck with Judenhass and Glamourpuss.The SPACE Prize is actually something I've wanted to do for awhile. I had applications for this at SPACE 2008. I was going to announce it on Sunday but I pulled it because the gate wasn't were I wanted it. We had about the same attendance in 2008 that we had in 2007 even with the move into early March. So next year being back in April I expect attendance to pick up and the funds will be available.(I'm not opposed to a co-sponsor if anyone else wants to chip in)."
The only part I don't like is that not voting for yourself thing. However, nowhere did he say that you could not pay others to vote for you. Look for my SPACE Prize acceptance speech on YouTube next year.
Bob goes on to say.."I'll also have another Hair-brained Scheme or two to boost attendence..." I can't wait to see what those might be. My plans usually involve snatching people off the street, stuffing them in the trunk of a car and bringing them to the show. That's probably why I'm just the blogger.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dave Sim at Work

I found this video on YouTube of Dave Sim demonstrating how he works on his new comic, Glamourpuss. The first issue of Glamourpuss hits comic stores next month.

Day Prize Ceremony

Finally, here is exclusive, unexpurgated, unedited (except for being cut in two to comply with YouTube's time limits) video of the awarding of the 2007 Howard E. Day Memorial Prize, aka The Day Prize, at SPACE earlier this month.
I apologize for the shaky camera work, and also for the fact that I missed Bob's opening remarks because I was in the exhibition hall talking to Greg Hyland.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More SPACE Pics

Here are some pics of a few of the artists at this year's SPACE. Even more are at my ComicSpace.

Panel Pics

These are some pics from the panels I ran at SPACE this year. The top one of J. Kevin Carrier and Ian Shires is from the Small Press Co-ops Panel, and the rest are from my On-Line Comics discussion.

Judenhass Artwork

Above is some of the art that was on display at SPACE from Dave Sim's "Secret Project #1" aka Judenhass.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dates For SPACE '09

I didn't tell this story last week, when it happened, because I didn't really have a context to put it in, and without that, it's just embarassing to the person it's about, even if I don't name him, which I shall not. Recent weather related events have provided that context, however.
Last Tuesday, I ran into a fellow local cartoonist and I asked him if he'd been at SPACE, as I hadn't seen him. "That was last weekend? I thought it was next weekend. Oh, well, see you there next year."
Well, it turns out its a good thing SPACE wasn't scheduled for the next weekend, as it probably would not have happened. Columbus, as you may have heard, was hit with what I'm sure someone has already termed the Storm of the Century, and if they haven't let me be the first, since just about every snowfall record there was, some dating back a hundred or more years, was absolutely shattered.
Fortunately, we had relatively good, if cold weather, the previous weekend for SPACE.
Next year's show, by the way, is back in the early spring where it belongs. The dates are April 18 and 19, and it will once again take place at the Aladdin Shrine Center.
Oh, well, see you there next year.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Okay, this has nothing to do at all with SPACE or even comics, but I have to say it.
As I watched Danny Noriega sing on American Idol Tuesday night, one word popped into my head, and a cold shiver of fear ran down my spine. That word was:
Scary, ain't it?
This new kid even looks kind of like old Hairboy, doesn't he?
Anyway, if it's comics you want, check out Killjoy Comics, an on-line anthology of various comic strips. I read a sampler from the site that I picked up at SPACE, and my favorites are the site's namesake comic Killjoy, and Slap O' Reality Man--this is a super-hero whom we could actually use in real life. Check out the strip to see what I mean.
Furthermore, it's Thursday, which means I have something to live for: a new installment of Kidnapped by Gnomes. With apologies to Schulz and Berke Breathed, I think Kathy Peterson's strip is my new favorite comic.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Latest "Trend"

If there was any prevailing trend among the many books offered for sale this past weekend at SPACE, it was that many of them, including my own Wasted Paper: The Complete Wasted Potential Volume One (e-mail me at for details on how to get your very own copy) were collections of on-line comics. Today I'm going to take a look at a couple of the best.
First, there's Wasted Paper, collecting the brilliantly funny on-line...
Ok, I'll let other lavish praise on my book, and move on to....
Lapses In Judgment: Kidnapped by Gnomes Volume One, a trade paperback collecting the first year of Kathy Peterson's webcomic Kidnapped by Gnomes. (For some reason, I really love saying "Kidnapped by Gnomes.") Updated twice weekly, the strip stars two gnomes named Ed and Wilson who live in Kathy's house watching her TV and occassionally stealing her credit cards, or, in one strip, flushing them down the toilet. Wilson, the slightly taller of the two nearly identical creatures, has an inexplicable crush on Ann Coulter (inexplicable to me, at least. OK, she's sort of hot---until she opens her mouth and starts spewing crap), while Ed wishes to be the benevolent dictator of Delaware (the state, not the town or county in Ohio).
Y'know, this stuff sounds a little weird when I try to describe it ('cause it is, a little), so just go read it. This strip was definitely one of my best discoveries at this year's show.
Then there's Lethargic Lad: Topics of Unclear Importance, collecting the first seven years of Greg Hyland's on-line version of super-hero parody Lethargic Lad.
It's pretty obvious that Greg is making this stuff up as he goes along, which may be the strip's greatest strength, allowing him to shift from parodying comics to the latest movie to events in the news. It's all very funny and drawn in a great cartoony style.
Greg, by the way, participated in my on-line comics panel and Sunday morning, making it the highlight of the weekend for me. I'm glad I got to meet him, and I'm looking forward to continuing to follow Lethargic Lad every week.

Monday, March 3, 2008

News From SPACE

And SPACE 2008 is in the history books, but this blog shall continue.
In fact, the real work is only truly beginning.
Over the next few days, I'll be sharing with you my SPACE experience, including the copious amount of photographs I took over the course of the two day event, as well as video of the Day Prize presentation. I'm also in the process of actually reading the many comics I picked up at the show, including new releases from Jay Hosler, Greg Hyland, Pam Bliss, Kel Crum, Brian Canini, and many others, and I'll be telling you about the best of them in coming days and possibly weeks.
Today, we'll cover the headlines:
The two big stories from SPACE this year both revolve around Guest of Honor Dave Sim--his presentation of the Howard Eugene Day Memorial Prize and the much anticipated unveiling of "Secret Project #1".
That no longer so secret project is called Judenhass (the word is, according to Sim, German for "Jew Hatred"), a one-shot graphic novel about the Holocaust, inspired by the sixtieth anniversary, in 2005 of the liberation of Auschwitz. Dave had the original art for the project, as well as preview copies of the published work. The art, I must say, is beautiful. Whatever else you may think of Dave Sim, it must be agreed that the man can draw.
Judenhass should be in comics shops in May. (I actually should say "will" instead of "should", since Dave has always made a point of shipping his comics on schedule.)
The Day Prize for 2007 went to, and this was hardly a surprise, Matt and Carol Dembicki for Mr. Big. Matt's been nominated one or two times before, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.
Well, those are the quick headlines. More later.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

SPACE Parties

2-day SPACE convention deserves 2-day party!
To celebrate the 2-day Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, Columbus’ own Panel Collective is planning two days of parties.
Friday, Feb. 29 – Monkey’s Retreat
Join us for an art show and mixer at Monkey’s Retreat in Columbus’ Short North area. Monkey’s Retreat has been Columbus's best source of underground comix, art books, martial arts supplies and more since 1975 – a perfect match for SPACE. We’ll have a keg, but once that’s cashed there are several cool bars and clubs within walking distance.
Monkey’s Retreat
1202 North High StreetColumbus, OH 43201
8– 11 p.m.
Google maps reference:,+OH&fb=1&cid=0,0,7336798876243304512&sa=X&oi=local_result&resnum=1&ct=imageSaturday, March 1 – Momo2
Panel is taking you back to Momo2 for this year’s SPACE party. Momo2 features bowling, billiards, karaoke, bubble tea and a fine collection of Asian gifts and novelties. Momo has easy access to highways and several restaurants and bars nearby.
2885 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH 43202
8 p.m. - ???,+OH&fb=1&cid=0,0,3238279955749711861&sa=X&oi=local_result&resnum=1&ct=image
Panel is a Columbus-based group of writers and artists. It features several working comics professionals, and it will debut its 12th anthology at SPACE.
SPACE, the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, runs March 1-2 at the Aladdin Shrine Temple. It brings dozens of the best regional and national small press comics.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Latest--Well, Really Just Late--News

Yep, I'm a little late in getting this stuff posted, but here it is.
First off, Dara Naraghi, of the local artist's "collective" known as PANEL, will be signing copies of his new graphic novel Lifelike this Saturday from noon to 4 pm at the Waldenbooks at Polaris Fashion Place.
Meanwhile, Bob has released the line up of panels and programming for SPACE:
All Weekend:
Dave Sim’s Secret Project #1: An exhibition of the artwork for Dave’s Secret Project #1 at TablesDave will also be auctioning off VIP sealed copies of Glamorpuss
Day Prize Presentations Hosted by Dave Sim
2:00 PM
Carol Tyler Panel"The Comics Classroom -- From Kids to College to the Community": Join us for a lively discussion about teaching comics to kids and adults. Seasoned professionals will share their experiences. Discussion points: Lesson plans and curriculum development. Classroom management strategies. Grade level expectations. Board/staff presentations. Community center projects and others. With (Joe Kuth-out), Bruce Chrislip, Mike Maydak and Bill LoebsLed by C. Tyler, Professor of Sequential and Graphic NarrativesUniversity of Cincinnati, DAAP School of Art
Cartoon Carnival
On-line Comics. Hosted by Ray Tomzcak with Andrea McEnaney, and maybe Max Ink, and a couple of others that I still have to round up.
12:00 Noon
Group Think: A method to develop story for artists and writers. Jeff Zwirek will lead the group through a unique workshop method for developing ideas with minds eye visulazation and word association. Bring a pen and paper to develop material for your own comics or prose.
1:00 PM
Antholo-geez! Anthology publishers vent. Hosted by Matt Dembicki (Attic Wit) with Dara Naraghi (Panel), Steve Noppenberger (Potlatch Project), Allen Freeman (Slam Bang), Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm), Mark Innes(Comics Eye), and Bob Corby (Oh,Comics!, Untitled)
2:00 PM
Steve Peters will perform songs from his Paradox soundtrack CD. He will explain how they fit together with his new comic, Runner's Paradox, which is the companion for the CD. Peters is the creator of Chemistry, a comic which also has a soundtrack CD and which won the 2006 Day Prize. He will be joined on some songs by Jeff Tundis, bass player for the Jazz Bastards and moderator for the Cerebus Yahoo! group.
3:00 PM
The History and Future of Small Press Co-Ops: A look at the history of small press co-ops, such as the UFO, the Small Press Syndicate and the BPP, with several key figures who helped to make these groups what they are today

Monday, February 11, 2008

Komics @ Kerouac Video

Well, this past weekend I finally had the time to edit and cobble together some of the video I took the previous weekend at the opening of the Sunday Comix "Komics @ Kerouac" show at--where else?--Kafe Kerouac. Please read no significance into my choice of Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" as the soundtrack for the Friday night portion of the piece other than the fact that it's six minutes long.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bio--Myke Amend

Myke Amend, another SPACE exhibitor, dropped me a line with some info about himself and his comics, as well as a couple of sample pages from his upcoming book. That's them up top.
I am sharing a table with Liam Kemp at SPACE.I am an illustrator, programmer, and graphic designer, working on my first comic book and my first children's book. I expect only to have the comic book done when the convention begins though. The comic book is called "Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake" - an art noir comedy about a deranged artist who refuses to live.
This first page is an intro page - the television show he is watching when the story begins.
The second page is a "meanwhile". I don't plan to share the rest of the book until the con.
my website is here:
(sorry if I am speaking too plainly here... but I have been up for days now... just wanted to get this to you asap - feel free to make me sound less dumb)

Click on the pics at left to see Myke's art full size, and be sure to check out the rest of his book at SPACE. When you do, tell him that you don't think he sounds dumb at all. (Unless you do, in which case you're perfectly free to tell him that as well, but I, for one, don't)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Answering a call sent out in an e-mail from Bob Corby to all SPACE exhibitors, Liam Kemp has sent me some info to pass along to you concering his comic book series Fatalysia:

Fatalysia #1 and #2 will be available at SPACE. The fairy tale-themed series chronicles the misadventures of Susan and Christan, best friends who are on dangerously opposing paths. Susan's abusive home life drives her into the arms of a cursed scarecrow. Christan's attempts to help her lead her into a world of magic populated by entities with their own agendas. Written by Liam Kemp; interior art by Uriel A. Duran, a.k.a. -U!; letters by Chris Tabor; covers by Chris Tabor and Myke Amend.

This book sounds pretty interesting, especially the bit about the "cursed scarecrow" (but aren't they all?), and I look forward to checking it out at the big show.

For more info, check out Liam's site at:

Secrets of Dave Sim

So, it looks like the big news coming out of SPACE this year will be the unveiling of former Cerebus writer/artist Dave Sim's new "Secret Project No. 1". Max Ink, writing in the Sunday Comix blog, explains just what the heck this is all about as well as I could, so why waste time typing when I can just cut and paste:
"After 27 years of self-publishing Cerebus, Dave Sim wrapped it up in March 2004 and took a long vacation. Then, in the spring of 2007, he began working on an unnamed 'Secret Project.' Much anticipation and excitement was stirred among Mr. Sim's fan base. However, due to a series of unfortunate events, he put the 'Secret Project' on hold in July. Less than a month later, he began working on another "Secret Project" which then became known as 'Secret Project #2' (and then in December was revealed as being his Glamourpuss comic); thus (ipso facto) making the first 'Secret Project' #1! So, in April Mr. Sim's 'Secret Project #2' (Glamourpuss) will be available for sale at comic shops and in May, so too will his 'Secret Project #1' (the actual title of which is to be revealed at S.P.A.C.E.) be available for sale. "
Of course, I'll reveal more as details become available, though it's likely we won't know anything more until SPACE itself, Saturday, March 1.

Monday, February 4, 2008

And Now...A Few Words from our Sponsor

Since I've been posting bios of artists and publishers exhibiting at this year's SPACE, I thought I would round out the series by giving you some insight into the man behind all this comics craziness, Bashful Bob Corby himself.
What follows are excerpts from an interview I conducted via e-mail with Bob for the short-lived publication The Atomic Tomorrow back in 2005:
OK, I know we covered this the last time I wrote an article about SPACE, but why did you decide to put on your own small press comics convention?
The inspiration for SPACE was the Spirits of Independents shows back in 1995. They were great. I found more comic titles I loved and actually sold more of my own comics at those shows than any other conventions.
How did Dave Sim get involved?
When I decided to do SPACE which was to be a successor to the long departed Columbus Spirits show I contacted Dave about being a part of it. He declined the first year stating that he wasn’t doing any more conventions and just wanted to concentrate on completing Cerebus. He was about 4 years from completing his 26-year task. The second year I contacted him again just to keep him informed. He called me and said he was interested in coming because he wanted to start the Day Prize there.
How has Sim's involvement helped the show?
Dave's involvement did help SPACE a good deal. The first year attendance was dismal. I only started arrangements for the second year because most of the exhibitors were willing to try it again. I was going though the motions but was pretty sure that the result would be the same and I’d call it quits after the second flop. Then I got the call from Dave and we drew a lot more people and I think the show became credible. Last year with Cerebus ending the month before SPACE we drew even more people.
SPACE has grown and changed quite a bit in just six years: Has it turned it into what you envisioned it as? Or is it not quite there yet? Or has it become something you hadn't really foreseen?
SPACE has grown a little larger than I first envisioned it. It also has become something I hadn’t envisioned. The work that shows up at SPACE and other small press shows is not part of the general public’s perception of comics. I think it’s a great opportunity to start changing that perception and show people the possibilities of the medium. That idea has given me a sense of a mission that wasn’t there at the beginning. Hell, I was just trying to sell some of my comics.
What do you see in the future for SPACE?
I would like to see it grow and bring more people in. I’d also like it to stay rooted in the small press. I’d like to continue to see things there you can’t buy at your neighborhood corporate chain store.
Tell us about the history of Oh! Comics:What is it? How long had you been doing it? How many issues?
Oh,Comics! started as a charity book at the Mid-Ohio Con back in 1988. The name comes from Ohio Comics because it was originally intended to only have work by people from Ohio. In the second year I couldn’t find a charity that was interested in working with us so it became an ad financed give away book for a few years. That never really paid the printing bills and in the mid-90’s the bottom fell out of the comic shop business where most of my ads were generated so it became a regular comic with free ads for the contributors. There are 17 issues in print 1 though 15 and also issues 8-1/2 and 10-1/2.
("Editor"s Note: At the time of this interview, Oh! Comics was "on haitus". Bob returned to publishing his signature anthology last year with issue #16.)
Perhaps next time, I'll let you in on my own deepest darkest secrets.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SPACE People Part III

Alright, time for a few more SPACE exhibitor bios:

Ed Piskor: Ed has drawn some American Splendor strips. He drew 2 graphic novels with Harvey Pekar: Macedonia and The Beats(to be released later this year). Ed has also produced some of his own books such as Wizzywig, his comic about a hacker named Kevin.

Rafer Roberts: Written, and most of the time drawn by Rafer Roberts, Plastic Farm follows the life of a man named Chester and his slow descent into complete insanity, and chronicles how that madness reshapes the world around him. Chester has had a rough childhood, has a magic cowboy that rides a dinosaur living inside of his head, and is now, late in life, sitting in a nameless airport bar during a blizzard telling his life story to a group of people who really couldn't care less. The first story arc "Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil" encompasses the first twelve issues, and be read online for free.

Joe Shover: Zonetrooper Magazine covers a number of interests. The magazine is based in sci-fi and fantasy with complete fiction, comic material, and role-playing game material. Our first issue will include the fiction pieces titled Cronac" Temporal Enforce, The book of Noheim, and Major Tom's Journal. Our comic section features Cygann which is a 20+ page action tale based in the manga and hero comic tradition. Zonetrooper will appeal to a eclectic group if not all.

Rick Silva: Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire--Behind the devious schemes of every supervillain there is a tireless staff of loyal minions who design weapons, genetically engineer mutant bugs, interrogate captured superheroines, and arrange to have things blown up. Zephyr DeCastle and Reginald Ertz are two such engineers, dedicated to doing evil... On deadline and under budget.

Mike Wytrykus: The Supernatural DOES exist. There ARE monsters among us. And in the town of Grimstone, they walk the dark streets freely. This is the story of five such monsters who are befriended by a young Goth woman. Outcasts each of them, theyare bonded together by unlikely friendships.
Mike Maydak: Mike Maydak is the illustrator of The Blackbeard Legacy~ a comic book mini-series published by Alias~ and the creator of Slimbone~ a nationally syndicated comic strip. Mike was a recipient of the Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship Award in 2007. He currently resides in northern reaches of Kentucky where he teaches art and hastily works on his next graphic novel.

Clint Basinger: Clint Basinger is the creator, writer and artist of Backseat Driver, Sci-Fi Angels and The Cosmic Norseman. All of these action and humor comics are printed under the banner of Cosmic Moustache Comics.

Aaron Trudgeon: Aaron does various mini-comics under his longtime title Ancient Wisdom Comics. In the past few years he has teamed up with a lot of the Hamtrammck, MI cartoonists to do various short movies now on one DVD titled "What's So Fun About No Fun Films: The Documentary."

Molly Durst: Symphony of the Universe is a self-published work, I have written an article on publishing comic books for author, Tamora Pierce, which can be read here.
I am deeply influnced by literature and fantasy and mythology, I have a lifetime love of books. The book Cartooning the Head and Figure, by Jack Hamm, a present I received when I was still in elementary school, is what got me started with cartooning, and I plan on only stopping when I keel over dead, preferably with a stolen sharpie in my hand. (That's Molly's pic, swiped off her site, that accompanies this post)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More SpaceMen and Woman

Didn't have time to post any more bios last night as I was hanging around Kafe Kerouac for the the opening night reception of Sunday Comix' Komics @ Kerouac exhibit. As soon as I've edited the video into a manageable masterpiece I'll get it up here.
Anyway, we left off the bios with the very busy Allen Freeman, and from there its on to the letter "G".
Robert Gavila: Robert Gavila returns to Space with the third issue in his ongoing "Nisha"series.
Rickey Gonzales: VICTIMS AT THE END OF THE WORLD is the tale of the world beyond ours where forgotten dolls are reborn and reformed in a way which mirrors our own world in world-mirroring otherworldliness... Of course the series has little to do with this, and is all about Algernon, a furry in his early twenties who lives in the city, works in a used record store, frequents the local Starbucks and spends his time obsessing over his friends and their skewed relationships, trying his best to be the person everyone (who counts) thinks he should be as he struggles with the conflicts of life and death, love and friendship and heroes and victims.
Michael Grassia: Michael considers himself a storyteller and perfers that as his label rather than artist or cartoonist. The goal of his work whether working with comics,video, or puppets is to tell a story first and foremost. To Michael, a good storyi s the most important part. Without a good story, it doesnt matter how good can tell it, you wont keep an audience.
From early on in Michael's life his passion for storytelling was obvious. As early as eight years old, Michael was creating his own stories based on his own characters.
Michael always had the ability to make people laugh but he is his funniest when working on his art, which is what lead him to develop his single panel gag strip WHAT'S NEXT? His motto when working with humor is, "I dont care if you laugh with me or at me, as long as you laugh, I did my job."
Though Michael loves working with humor, he works in all genres.
Steve Hamaker: Steve works full time for Jeff Smith as the colorist for the Bone graphi cnovel series published by Scholastic Books. Other work includes coloring Jeff's Shazam: Monster Society of Evil mini-series from DC Comics, as well as the self published all-ages action/adventure comic Fish N Chips.
Jonathan Hodges: Bad Place Productions publishes the SafeWords anthology, The InvisibleWorld and Woodboy
Mark Innes: Mark Innes is a Canadian small press publisher, occasional writer and artist.Since 1988 Bind Bat Press has been publishing Wavemakers, Dreamtime, Oatmeal, GlassEye, Romantic Eye, and The Comic Eye, a new trade paperback of comics about comics and the folks who read and make them. I also work as a background performer in movies and TV including Cinderella Man, Where the Truth Lies, This Is Wonderland and in theaters August 2008, the Fernando Meirelles directed, BLINDNESS.
Kathy Peterson: Kidnapped by Gnomes follows the misadventures of Ed and Wilson and theircomplete lack of common sense as they explore the modern world from a vantage pointof 4" off the ground. The comic updates every Monday and Thursday and can be read for completely free at
Kenn Minter: the Experts: This new team of heroes combines three novices with three adventure veterans: Doctor Delta (a mystical apparition), Free Mary (a spit-fire vixen), Naked Man (a young,eager buck), the Emerald Yeti (a gentle-natured, mechanical, furry giant), NinjaWitch (a moody, youthful witch-in-training), and Mr. Elaztik (the obligatory, rubber-bodied,shape-changing comic relief).T hese six individuals have been chosen to fulfill certain demographic appeal. Though, more importantly, they have been selected for their ability and willingness to workcheap.
As a whole, the Experts is a quirky, off-kilter superhero series revolving around characters that are completely unprepared for their atypical roles and responsibilities.
J. Kevin Carrier: Kevin is a graphic designer and life-long comics fan. He's been writing, drawing, and publishing minicomics since 1991, and was voted one of the "Top 25 Small Pressers" by the readers of Small Press Feedback. He is a former chairman of the United Fanzine Organization, and a former president of the Small Press Syndicate. Kevin's professional credits include: Nuance for Magnetic Ink, Cosmic Waves for AmF Comics, and Glorianna for Press This! Studio. He can often be found lurking on various internet message boards, so be careful what you say about him. (Yeah, he's a mean bastard--rt) Kevin can be reached at or by writing to:J. Kevin Carrier 1800 Leven Lane Milford, OH 45150
You can read his blog at:
Kris Lachowski: Kris Lachowski is yet another deluded person seeking his fortune in comics. Mean Goat Comics is that delusion incarnate.
Pat Lewis: PAT LEWIS is a 31-year-old artist from Pittsburgh, PA, raised on MAD Magazine, Looney Tunes, and "Peanuts" reprint books. After bouncing around from various part-time and temporary jobs, he eventually managed to make a living as a freelance illustrator while still finding time to self-publish his own minicomics ,some of which have been nominated for the Ignatz Award and the Howard E. Day Memorial Prize. Right now he could probably use a shave and a cup of coffee. THE CLAWS COMEOUT (published by IDW) is his first book.
Justin Madson: Justin Madson has slowly carved out his little place in the comics world with his genre-crossing series, Happy Town, which he has been self-publishing since 2001. He is also at work on Breathers, a mini-series set in a world where it is no longer safe to breathe the outside air.
Jim Main: Jim Main has been a publisher and writer of fanzines/Independendant and small press comics since the early 1970's and has quite a lot of publicationst o prove it! From my earliest titles like *PPFSZT!, Satyr, Gnome and Spectrum, to his newer books Comic Fan!, Make Mine Monsters, Phanatscape, Six-Guns and Saddles, The Gallery to name a few. Publishing is his life, so it would seem.
Michael Marcus: George McVey is a forty-year veteran of the comic book business, havingcreated major comic book heroes while in his teens. Having produced myriad comics in digest form through GEM Studios and Dynamite Press, he has been a regular SPACE attendee since 2003. With his partnership with Michael Marcus, forming the Hamtramck Idea Men, he comes to SPACE with his books in full-size format. Michael Marcus acts as on-site editor, producer, and occasional author himself while also workingon the game design portion of the company.
Tony Miello: Tony Miello is the creator of the comic strip GAPO the Clown and the mini comic Mr. Happy Pants. He is also to writer and artist behind the Fat Momma comic from Who Wants To Be A Superhero.
Mike Indovina: Mike Indovina attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in the early 90s. His book, Chimera, was published by 5th panel comics, a publisher of ashcan sized books. Later he decided to publish it on his own under the company name Satyr Play Productions. Since then, Mike has done several books, mostly inspired by Greek Mythology, such as Satyr, The Grand Tour of Greek Mythology and Hercules: Choose Your Destiny.
Joseph Morris: Joseph Morris is the owner and operator of TORC Press, a small time publisher based out of the middle of nowhere, IL. His books include SDF, New Super Fun Comix,Gulatta!, and the comic book/CD combo Death Nuevau.
Michael Neno: Publisher of fine comics since 1985. Current publisher of The Signifiers and Reactionary Tales. Creator of the Quacky Pig and Friends online comic strip and coloring book.
Have freelanced for Silver Comics, Dark Horse, Cracked Magazine, Horse Press (PaulPope), and Caliber.
Steven Noppenberger: Hatched in the last century on the 1st of August 1960. Completed High school in Randallstown, Maryland, enlisted in the MARINE in 1980, traveled the world, volunteer as a Peace Keeper in Beirut in 1983. First published illustrated story was with Brad Foster Jabberwocky Graphix GOODIES. Gave up adult comics in search of normal comics but was rejected by all. In 1993 started an illustrated story for EROS Comix. ONCE attempted to find " normal work" was again rejected by all. Started self publishing 1999. Been addicted to self publishing every since. There are only two things that will stop you, that is yourself and death. Okay maybe children and or NAKED woman, might slow you DOWN.
Steve Peters: Steve Peters received a Xeric Grant in 1996 to publish Awakening Comics.He started doing a spiritual native american-flavored series called Everwinds forAmaze Ink at the same time as he began self-publishing. When Everwinds was cancelled, he merged both books in The Everwinds Awakening War. At the close of the century, he took a break from comics to start a band. The result was the Chemistry comic and soundtrack CD, which won the 2006 Day Prize. He's been publishing a series of comics about his half-angel, half-devil character Sparky, consisting mostly ofj am comics with many independent comic book creators. In celebration of Awakening Comics' 10th anniversary, he's created Runner's Paradox, his first full-color comic, also accompanied by a soundtrack CD.
Alright...I need a break. I'll wrap up the bios I have next time, and wait by my inbox until Bob sends me a new batch.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Komics @ Kerouac

There'll be more exhibitor bios soon. In fact, Bob "Taskmaster" Corby just sent me a few more today. Tonight, however, I need to wrap this up quickly, get home and get ready to head out again to Kafe Kerouac.

Tonight, you see, is the hanging of art for the upcoming "Komics @ Kerouac" show featuring comics and cartoon art by members of the Sunday Comix cartoonists' group, of which I am a charter member. (Max Ink stole the whole idea from me, and don't let the fink tell you any differently)

The exhibit formally opens tomorrow night with a reception from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. wherein the panting public shall have the once in a life time opportunity to both hob and nob with these giants of cartoon art. Among those whose art will be displayed are Max Ink, Matt and Ellen Wyatt, Sam McElhaney, Molly Durst, and this bodacious blogger his own bad self. From there, these modern masterpieces of graphic art (I refer to my own work, of course) will be on display, and available to be purchased and enjoyed in your very own living room, den or bathroom, throughout the month of February.

I've posted along with this entry a little preview of the exhibition, in the form of one of the pieces I'll be showing. Entitled "Must! Run! Faster!!", this merely marvelous bit of pop culture detritus can be added to your personal collection for a mere $85.00.

Well, I'll see you all tomorrow night.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet the Men and Women of SPACE--Part One

Well, wanted to earn my table, and it looks like Bashful Bob Corby intends to make me do just that. Mr. SPACE-man himself sent me a bunch of bios of artists and publishers who'll be exhibiting at the show to put up here. Truthfully, if he hadn't had the idea first, I would have asked for them.
Keep in mind that these are taken straight from each exhibitor's application, and so are in their own words. As they say on TV, the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this station or it's management. Maybe later I will let loose with my opinions of the ones that I know.
I'm just going to go alphabetically through as many as I have time for today:
Eric Adams: ERIC ADAMS is best known as the creator of the indie comic series, LACKLUSTERWORLD, a story nominated for the 2004 Day Prize Award. In 2006, he illustrated STUART, a short story penned by Chris Arrant, which ran in the FOUR STORIES anthology and later in NEGATIVE BURN.
Eric is also a contributor to, writing SEQUENTIAL SMARTS, a series of thorough articles about marketing comics from the perspective of a small press/ self-publisher.
Alterna Comics (Peter Simeti): Alterna Comics is a creator-owned graphic novel and comic book company that lets creators keep 100% ownership of their work. Since formation in early 2006, Alterna Comics has grown in popularity and recognition, receiving extremely positivereviews for their works. They have also received support in the indie comics communityand intend on always being a proud supporter of creator's rights while bringing different, creative, and intelligent work to both comic readers and non-comic readers everywhere.
Ray Basham: Freaks-An American Family is an ongoing series that in each issue tells a tale of a different member of the "Family", and how they got the way they are. Issue #1 is about a carnivorous 2 headed baby, Issue #2 is about a wealth adventurer that has a curse put on him and his family. Issue #3 was written by Dr. Tarr andProf. Fether, horror hosts from the Toledo, Ohio area. Issue #3 is about Creepy Crab Boy. He has a pension for murder and mayhem, and being an ego maniac.
Suzanne Baumann: Suzanne likes making mini-comics. Fortunately for her, people like to read them. She has made quite a few comics in the past dozen years or so. She will undoubtedly make quite a few more.
Gary Scott Beatty: GARY SCOTT BEATTY read his first comic book, a beat up old Tin Tin hardcover, in his grade school library some time before the '60s Batman craze. The first alternative comic he produced (They were called "underground" then) was on his high school's mimeograph machine, after hours, without permission. Nearly three decades later the tools and format have changed, but Gary is still producing printed pieces that communicate and entertain. His coloring and lettering for 3 Boys Productions' "Students of the Unusual" has appeared since the popularindy comic's first issue – now his logo design graces each cover. The controversial "Wedding of Popeye and Olive" Gary colored for Ocean Comics was discussed on Good Morning America, in "The New York Times,""Time" magazine and "Newsweek." His work with nationally syndicated cartoonist Aaron Warner included coloring "Adventures of Aaron" Sunday strips, producing the "Sparky and Tim" collection cover and typography and coloring for much of Aaron's advertising studio work. His cover coloring for Scott Rosema's "August" are now definitive of the character. His production assistance in Omega7's "America's ForgottenChildren" publication helped lead to the recovery of several missing children. He has lettered for Kaso Comics, written scripts for Nicky Cruz Outreach and, locally, produces a full color, monthly entertainment magazine. The publication production expert, typographer, writer, illustrator and comic book colorist's engaging ramblings can be found at His current Aazurn Publishing projects include "Seductions" with Oz artist Bill Bryan and "AdamAmong the Gods" with James Lyle. Lengthy articles detailing every step in Aazurn Publishing's birth are cataloged at Gary can be found at
Pam Bliss: Pam Bliss has been making minicomics and cartoon short stories since 1989. Her comics take place in Kekionga, Indiana, the perfect small town where anything can happen, and concern the adventures of a young superhero, his scholarlyBest Girl, an mysterious junkman, a werewolf librarian, and a varying cast of ghosts, sasquatches, talking animals and visitors from alternate realities.
Nathan Bonner: Indavo is a space adventure comic, that follows the travels of FreelanceSpace Explorer Indavo, girl from the sticks Racheal, and robotic ex-thug Gauron T.
David Branstetter: "Sometimes Life just Sucks" is the motto of Straw Man, an unlikely hero who's "superpowers" usually manifest themselves as quirky accidents. Confused and often disorientated Straw Man is able to overcome the pressures o fhaving arch enemies, unpleasant encounters with annoying costumed vigilantes, and the bothersome task of keeping up with everyday life.
Straw Man is an ongoing project by David Branstetter and has made a previous appearance at SPACE con 2006.
Boston Comics Roundtable:We are the Boston Comics Roundtable -- a collective of cartoonists in the (you guessed it) Boston area. We are currently assembling our first Boston Comics Roundtable Anthology, which, if the Gods look on us with favor (ha!) will be available in time for SPACE 2008. If not, we got a lot of mini's and other great stuff to bring out to the Great Midwest.
Matt Dembicki: (pronounced, by the way, "dem-bee-ski") Run by Matt Dembicki, Three Crows Press publishes a variety of comics,such as the magazine-size 'MonstraCity' and upcoming 'Bad Habits,'the mini-comic 'Animal Stew' and the mini-mini-comic 'Spadefoot.'
Millard Draudt: Dog-Eared Cartoons are single panel cartoons in the tradition of The Far Side. Not everyone gets all the cartoons but that's part of the fun. This is the 6th year of production for Dog-Eared. ( Transcriber's note: Really? It seems like I've known Millard longer than that...)
Matt Feazell: Matt Feazell a freelance cartoonist and graphic artist living and working in Hamtramck, Michigan. His comics and spot illustrations appear regularly in TheHamtramck Citizen and Disney Adventures Magazine. His current project is a stick figure graphic novel, "The Death of Antisocialman."
Neil Fitzpatrick: Neil Fitzpatrick has been churning out Neil Jam, primarily in the form of minicomics, since 1997. Neil Jam is a unique cartoon universe featuring an original cast of characters. The books vary in format, and run the gamut from silly gags to epic adventures. With the humanity of Peanuts, the oddball antics of LooneyTunes, the wry sophistication of The Simpsons, and the zen of Nancy, Neil Jam is, quite simply, the world's greatest minicomic.
Allen Freeman: Allen Freeman: (Comic Work partial list:) Newspaper Syndicate (1982)Editorial Cartoons (also edited the weekly features for a few months.) Comic Buyer's Guide (1983) Cartoons published: Many covers for other small press comics, mostly 1984-1990. (1986): New Frontiers #1 and #2 (Airbrushed the covers and created 2 color overlays) (First comic work besides printing my own comics.) (Future Beat #1 Cover airbrush black and white. Can't remember publisher) (Also painted a color cover to #2 but never published) Cat's Paw Comics (1987):Morgana X #1 (Painted cover, wrote and inked the interior. Designed the logo andinterior editorial pages and ads.) (a second issue was completely finished, I did the inking, painted the cover andcenterfold....never published.) Spectrum #1 (Inked and colored the cover, wrote one story and inked 2 stories in the anthology.) Jabberwocky Graphics (1988-90)Fever Pitch #8 (Painted cover)Best of Fever Pitch (Painted the wrap-around cover.) Chuck Haspel Publishing (1989):Rocketpack #1 (Newsletter for Dave Steven's Rocketeer, cover art.) Blind Bat Press (1989)Wavemakers #2 (I designed and painted the color cover.) NOW Comics and Now Video (1989-1992):Covers for:Fright Night 11 and 12; Speed Racer Classics #2 (wraparound cover); Ralph Snart Adventures ( 3 covers and one poster) Now Video:First 3 boxes for Speed Racer Also created The Ralph Snart fanclub! Put out 4 issues of the newsletter. Brady Games (1992):Donkey Kong Country 2 (Designed and painted cover to guidebook)Super Mario SPG (Designed and painted cover to guidebook)Mortal Kombat Card Game (I designed and painted 9 cards in this set.) NME (1992)Battlelords Card Game (I designed and painted 12 cards for this set.) Caliber Comics: Frankenstein (Full color comic 48 pages, I did the inking and background art. This was Caliber's all time best selling comic.)The Realm (inked part of 2 issues.) SKY Comics: Seeker #1 and #2. (Colored the cover to #1 and inked it. Also inked the interior sof both issues and designed the logo for the book.)Morgana X Special #1 and #1 regular series. (Painted the covers and inked the booksand wrote most of the stories.)Sky Comics Presents (A Morgana X story in every issue, that I inked.)Sky #0 ashcan (Inked a Morgana X story)Arena Comics Magazine (Colored almost all of the covers for this magazine.) Comics Conspiracy (2004):Tie Teddies (Inked the 3rd issue.) Wunderman Comics (2005-06)E.I. #1 (Designed and computer painted the cover. Designed the logo, lettered the64 interior pages.) Sean McGrath Publishing (2006)Frater Mine #2, #3 (lettering) Fan-Atic Press (1984 to present):Some mini comics in 1984: (Zappy Pinhead and the Beatles from Neptune, Evil Doll) Then the digest comics:Captain Optimist #1-5 (Artist and inker) Slam Bang vol 1, #1-33, Slam Bang Annual 1999, Vol 2 #1-7, Vol 3 #1, Slam Bang GreatestHits #1 (Artist, letter, writer, editor, publisher) Anton Bogaty Sketchbook (Editor and publisher) Doc Paradox #1 (Editor and publisher) Plus about 4 more books back in the 80's I can't remember right now. (AlienBondage, Video Blues)
DVD's I've shot, edited and produced: San Diego Comic Con 2004 approx 35 min; North End Mafia (2005) 6 live song set (edited MTV style) DVD + a 9 song studio CD (+Easter egg of a full live show.); Chicago Comic Con 1988 approx 35 min (I just converted the video shot by Matt Feazell,to DVD, and added a commentary bonus feature track) (released 2005) Shows me on my very first comic book panel.; SPACE CON 2005 approx 45 min (Small Press and Alternative Press Expo. I shot it,edited it and created the DVD and Box.); SPACE CON 2006 1 hour (done, just not on the web site yet, 2 DVD set. I shot some of it, I'm in some of it, and creating the DVD and Box.) Shows me on my secondcomic book panel ever; Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic Con 40 min (Shot at the 2006 San Diego ComicCon) Finished just adding extra features. I shot it, wrote some of it, edited it,and created the DVD and Box.

Well, I'm running out of time for this session, and I'm only up the F's (Boy, that Allen Freeman's sure been busy. Makes the rest of us look like slackers)
I'll have more soon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcome To Cosmo's Corner

First, let me make it perfectly clear that I am not Cosmo...Cosmo is the funny looking little alien who is the official mascot of the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE), which is held each year in Columbus, Ohio. I, on the other hand, am Ray Tomczak, the self-appointed--with SPACE promoter Bob Corby's blessing, of course--official Blogger of SPACE.
The deal is that I felt I just wasn't doing enough to earn the complimentary table that my good friend Bob lets me have each year, so I offered to write this blog to help spread the word about SPACE and other small press comics projects and events.
In these virtual pages, I shall endeavor to keep you apprised of all news, info, and gossip concerning the show and small press and creator owned comics in general, especially those here in the central Ohio vicinity. At the same time, I'll be giving you my personal take on these topics from the standpoint of a cartoonist and perennial SPACE exhibitor.
Bob will, I hope, be keeping me in the loop as far as the progress of the show, and if there is any news related to SPACE or small press comics that you would like me to pass along here, drop me a line. My e-mail address is
Well, that's all for now.
See you at SPACE.