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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Latest--Well, Really Just Late--News

Yep, I'm a little late in getting this stuff posted, but here it is.
First off, Dara Naraghi, of the local artist's "collective" known as PANEL, will be signing copies of his new graphic novel Lifelike this Saturday from noon to 4 pm at the Waldenbooks at Polaris Fashion Place.
Meanwhile, Bob has released the line up of panels and programming for SPACE:
All Weekend:
Dave Sim’s Secret Project #1: An exhibition of the artwork for Dave’s Secret Project #1 at TablesDave will also be auctioning off VIP sealed copies of Glamorpuss
Day Prize Presentations Hosted by Dave Sim
2:00 PM
Carol Tyler Panel"The Comics Classroom -- From Kids to College to the Community": Join us for a lively discussion about teaching comics to kids and adults. Seasoned professionals will share their experiences. Discussion points: Lesson plans and curriculum development. Classroom management strategies. Grade level expectations. Board/staff presentations. Community center projects and others. With (Joe Kuth-out), Bruce Chrislip, Mike Maydak and Bill LoebsLed by C. Tyler, Professor of Sequential and Graphic NarrativesUniversity of Cincinnati, DAAP School of Art
Cartoon Carnival
On-line Comics. Hosted by Ray Tomzcak with Andrea McEnaney, and maybe Max Ink, and a couple of others that I still have to round up.
12:00 Noon
Group Think: A method to develop story for artists and writers. Jeff Zwirek will lead the group through a unique workshop method for developing ideas with minds eye visulazation and word association. Bring a pen and paper to develop material for your own comics or prose.
1:00 PM
Antholo-geez! Anthology publishers vent. Hosted by Matt Dembicki (Attic Wit) with Dara Naraghi (Panel), Steve Noppenberger (Potlatch Project), Allen Freeman (Slam Bang), Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm), Mark Innes(Comics Eye), and Bob Corby (Oh,Comics!, Untitled)
2:00 PM
Steve Peters will perform songs from his Paradox soundtrack CD. He will explain how they fit together with his new comic, Runner's Paradox, which is the companion for the CD. Peters is the creator of Chemistry, a comic which also has a soundtrack CD and which won the 2006 Day Prize. He will be joined on some songs by Jeff Tundis, bass player for the Jazz Bastards and moderator for the Cerebus Yahoo! group.
3:00 PM
The History and Future of Small Press Co-Ops: A look at the history of small press co-ops, such as the UFO, the Small Press Syndicate and the BPP, with several key figures who helped to make these groups what they are today

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