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Sunday, February 3, 2008

SPACE People Part III

Alright, time for a few more SPACE exhibitor bios:

Ed Piskor: Ed has drawn some American Splendor strips. He drew 2 graphic novels with Harvey Pekar: Macedonia and The Beats(to be released later this year). Ed has also produced some of his own books such as Wizzywig, his comic about a hacker named Kevin.

Rafer Roberts: Written, and most of the time drawn by Rafer Roberts, Plastic Farm follows the life of a man named Chester and his slow descent into complete insanity, and chronicles how that madness reshapes the world around him. Chester has had a rough childhood, has a magic cowboy that rides a dinosaur living inside of his head, and is now, late in life, sitting in a nameless airport bar during a blizzard telling his life story to a group of people who really couldn't care less. The first story arc "Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil" encompasses the first twelve issues, and be read online for free.

Joe Shover: Zonetrooper Magazine covers a number of interests. The magazine is based in sci-fi and fantasy with complete fiction, comic material, and role-playing game material. Our first issue will include the fiction pieces titled Cronac" Temporal Enforce, The book of Noheim, and Major Tom's Journal. Our comic section features Cygann which is a 20+ page action tale based in the manga and hero comic tradition. Zonetrooper will appeal to a eclectic group if not all.

Rick Silva: Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire--Behind the devious schemes of every supervillain there is a tireless staff of loyal minions who design weapons, genetically engineer mutant bugs, interrogate captured superheroines, and arrange to have things blown up. Zephyr DeCastle and Reginald Ertz are two such engineers, dedicated to doing evil... On deadline and under budget.

Mike Wytrykus: The Supernatural DOES exist. There ARE monsters among us. And in the town of Grimstone, they walk the dark streets freely. This is the story of five such monsters who are befriended by a young Goth woman. Outcasts each of them, theyare bonded together by unlikely friendships.
Mike Maydak: Mike Maydak is the illustrator of The Blackbeard Legacy~ a comic book mini-series published by Alias~ and the creator of Slimbone~ a nationally syndicated comic strip. Mike was a recipient of the Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship Award in 2007. He currently resides in northern reaches of Kentucky where he teaches art and hastily works on his next graphic novel.

Clint Basinger: Clint Basinger is the creator, writer and artist of Backseat Driver, Sci-Fi Angels and The Cosmic Norseman. All of these action and humor comics are printed under the banner of Cosmic Moustache Comics.

Aaron Trudgeon: Aaron does various mini-comics under his longtime title Ancient Wisdom Comics. In the past few years he has teamed up with a lot of the Hamtrammck, MI cartoonists to do various short movies now on one DVD titled "What's So Fun About No Fun Films: The Documentary."

Molly Durst: Symphony of the Universe is a self-published work, I have written an article on publishing comic books for author, Tamora Pierce, which can be read here.
I am deeply influnced by literature and fantasy and mythology, I have a lifetime love of books. The book Cartooning the Head and Figure, by Jack Hamm, a present I received when I was still in elementary school, is what got me started with cartooning, and I plan on only stopping when I keel over dead, preferably with a stolen sharpie in my hand. (That's Molly's pic, swiped off her site, that accompanies this post)

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