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Friday, January 30, 2009

Columbus Comics News (via Sunday Comix)

I'd like to thank Rich Watson, writing on the Sunday Comix blog, (which I also occasionally contribute to) for calling to my attention a couple of comics related news item from the Columbus, Ohio area that I'd overlooked.
Dara Naraghi, local comics writer, charter member of the PANEL artists collective and perennial SPACE exhibitor, is profiled in this week's edition of Columbus Alive! The raison d'etre of the article is his work on a series of comics, published by IDW, based on the upcoming Terminator film. Dara also goes into his views on the comics industry and gives some insight into his early life. You can probably still find a copy lying around wherever these free papers are distributed, or you can just read the article here.
LinkNot being a big fan of anime and manga, it's really no surprise that I'd never heard of Ohayocon, the local con devoted to those areas that is going on at the Hyatt Regency hotel downtown even as I type these words, and continues through Sunday afternoon. I was a little curious about the show, and a quick Google search did turn up a brief Wikipedia entry.

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