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Sunday, February 22, 2009

'Book 'em

So, you're probably wondering what happened to that idea I had about updating this thing at least once a week. Well, about three weeks ago, I temporarily lost my ability to connect to the Interweb from my home computing device. Once that got cleared up, I spent a lot of time just pissing around on the nets.
Like today, fer instance. At the suggestion of several so-called "friends", I went and got myself signed up for the Facebooks. I've been spending the whole day working on my profile and finding people I know to beg them to be my virtual friend.
I had been somewhat reluctant to join the Facebooks, 'cause I did have a MySpace and really wasn't thrilled with it. First off, MySpace pages take forever to load even if you have a high-speed connection, which I do not. Facebook pages pop up a lot faster.
And it's easier to find potential friends on Facebook. I found several fellow cartoonists, as well as people from my high school and college days I hadn't seen in decades.
What, you may wonder, does any of this have to do with SPACE? Well, not much, really, though there is a SPACE group on Facebook that you can join to keep up on news about the show (in addition, that is, to this blog, of course.)
Next week, I'll try to have some info on a few of this year's exhibitors to post.

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