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Monday, March 10, 2008

Dates For SPACE '09

I didn't tell this story last week, when it happened, because I didn't really have a context to put it in, and without that, it's just embarassing to the person it's about, even if I don't name him, which I shall not. Recent weather related events have provided that context, however.
Last Tuesday, I ran into a fellow local cartoonist and I asked him if he'd been at SPACE, as I hadn't seen him. "That was last weekend? I thought it was next weekend. Oh, well, see you there next year."
Well, it turns out its a good thing SPACE wasn't scheduled for the next weekend, as it probably would not have happened. Columbus, as you may have heard, was hit with what I'm sure someone has already termed the Storm of the Century, and if they haven't let me be the first, since just about every snowfall record there was, some dating back a hundred or more years, was absolutely shattered.
Fortunately, we had relatively good, if cold weather, the previous weekend for SPACE.
Next year's show, by the way, is back in the early spring where it belongs. The dates are April 18 and 19, and it will once again take place at the Aladdin Shrine Center.
Oh, well, see you there next year.

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