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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Okay, this has nothing to do at all with SPACE or even comics, but I have to say it.
As I watched Danny Noriega sing on American Idol Tuesday night, one word popped into my head, and a cold shiver of fear ran down my spine. That word was:
Scary, ain't it?
This new kid even looks kind of like old Hairboy, doesn't he?
Anyway, if it's comics you want, check out Killjoy Comics, an on-line anthology of various comic strips. I read a sampler from the site that I picked up at SPACE, and my favorites are the site's namesake comic Killjoy, and Slap O' Reality Man--this is a super-hero whom we could actually use in real life. Check out the strip to see what I mean.
Furthermore, it's Thursday, which means I have something to live for: a new installment of Kidnapped by Gnomes. With apologies to Schulz and Berke Breathed, I think Kathy Peterson's strip is my new favorite comic.

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