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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day Prize to become SPACE Prize

Little did I know when posting my video of this year's Day Prize ceremony last week that it was apparently to be the last such event. Seems Dave Sim has taken himself off the convention circuit for next year and taken his award with him. SPACE promoter Bob Corby has announced that he plans to institute his own award tentatively dubbed the SPACE Prize
Here's the straight poop in Bob's own words from the e-mail he sent to all 2008 SPACE exhibitors on Thursday:
"Many of you may have already heard that Dave Sim has cancelled all his convention appearances including SPACE 2009. He has also recently informed me that the Day Prize for the books we collected at SPACE 2008 is also canceled. He did give me the okay to pick it up myself. What I plan to do is take the submitted books and start the SPACE Prize (working title). I will review the books and pick 4 to 6 finalists and then have the registered SPACE 2008 Exhibitors vote for the winner. One of the few rules will be that you can't vote for yourself (or a book you're in). The winner will win a cash prize of $300.00 (sorry I can't afford the $500.00) and a plaque (or figure, that's not finalized yet). I haven't figured out the time table yet but the plaque presentation will be during SPACE 2009.If you want to opt out because the rules changed let me know and I'll ship your book back. If you want to complain call Dave Sim not me. I'm just the guy picking up the pieces.I also like to publicly thank Dave for his participation in SPACE and bringing the Day Prize here for the past 7 years. He only promised me a year or two so I can't complain. Without his help SPACE wouldn't have survived past the second year. I wish him the best of luck with Judenhass and Glamourpuss.The SPACE Prize is actually something I've wanted to do for awhile. I had applications for this at SPACE 2008. I was going to announce it on Sunday but I pulled it because the gate wasn't were I wanted it. We had about the same attendance in 2008 that we had in 2007 even with the move into early March. So next year being back in April I expect attendance to pick up and the funds will be available.(I'm not opposed to a co-sponsor if anyone else wants to chip in)."
The only part I don't like is that not voting for yourself thing. However, nowhere did he say that you could not pay others to vote for you. Look for my SPACE Prize acceptance speech on YouTube next year.
Bob goes on to say.."I'll also have another Hair-brained Scheme or two to boost attendence..." I can't wait to see what those might be. My plans usually involve snatching people off the street, stuffing them in the trunk of a car and bringing them to the show. That's probably why I'm just the blogger.

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